How To Make A WordPress Website 2022 | Divi Theme Tutorial

Learn how to create your first website using the world’s most popular WordPress theme ‘Divi’. In this tutorial, you will learn step by step how to create a professional WordPress website.

Get a Domain and Webhosting:
Get the Divi theme:

Divi Tutorial Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
07:23 Get a Domain Name And Webhosting
09:55 Choose Your Domain Name
13:20 Install WordPress
16:57 The Backend And Frontend Of Your Website
20:29 Choose The Best Permalink Settings

25:43 Get The Divi Theme
30:54 Upload Your Site Logo
32:10 Create Global Colors
33:17 Create a Menu With Pages
37:45 Create A Site Title

The Divi Builder
40:57 The Basics Of The Divi Builder
57:57 Create The Homepage From Scratch
01:07:26 Find The Right Fonts For Your Website
01:12:08 Optimise Your Website For All Devices
01:17:08 Showcase Logo’s of Companies You Work For
01:21:54 Use Custom CSS in the Divi Theme
01:30:42 More Design Tricks
01:32:04 Change The Default Fonts In Your Divi Website
01:38:50 Add an Image to The Background
01:43:16 Hide Modules On Different Devices
01:45:05 Create a Specialty Area Using The Divi Theme
02:06:00 Create a Contact Form Using The Divi Theme
02:10:28 Add Scroll Effects

Speed Up Your Workflow
02:11:55 Create A Custom Header
02:13:45 Import The Header For Free
02:20:08 Copy and Paste Styles
02:21:22 Extend Styles
02:23:07 Copy and Paste Modules
02:25:59 Clone Existing Pages
02:27:10 Make Use of Pre Made Layouts In The Divi Theme
02:28:31 Speed Up Your Workflow

02:43:36 Create A Custom Footer
02:46:00 Create A Blog And Blogposts
02:47:59 Create A Portfolio
02:49:16 Use Global Items In The Divi Theme
02:53:51 Import a Complete Website Page by Page
03:00:11 The Best Follow Up Tutorials
03:07:55 Thank You For Watching This Divi Tutorial

The Divi theme is the most popular WordPress theme in the world. The Divi theme makes it easy to create websites using their visual builder. You see how your website looks while you are creating your website. It is a drag and drop builder.

In this tutorial, we will create a professional website that I would sell to a client for $3.000 – $5.000.